Hallmark University Post-Utme: Secrets to Scoring High

Hallmark University Post-Utme: Secrets to Scoring High

Hallmark University Post-Utme: Secrets to Scoring High


As an alumnus of Hallmark University, I understand the pressures of gaining admission through the Post-UTME screening. Each year, thousands of candidates sit for the exam, competing for a few hundred slots. The stakes are high, but with the right preparation and insight into how the questions are set and marked, you can gain an advantage.

In this article, I share some secrets to help you score high in the Hallmark University Post-UTME based on my experience and inside knowledge of the system. The tips range from developing the right mindset to spotting question patterns to time management techniques. With hard work and the strategies I outline, you will head into the exam with more confidence, focus, and ability to achieve your goal of gaining admission into this prestigious institution.

While admission into Hallmark University is competitive, it is achievable. Stay determined and believe in yourself. You have the potential to succeed, so prepare well and go into that exam ready to give it your very best. I wish you the best of luck!

Hallmark University Post-Utme

Overview of Hallmark University Post-Utme Screening

As an applicant seeking admission into Hallmark University, it is important to understand the Post-UTME screening exercise. The screening exercise is conducted to determine candidates that are best suited for the university’s programs based on certain metrics and available slots.

To prepare for the Post-UTME, I would advise researching the screening format which typically includes a computer-based test (CBT) and an oral interview. The CBT comprises subject-area questions in line with your program of study. For humanities courses, questions may focus on English, Mathematics, Current Affairs and General Knowledge. Science students can expect questions on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Adequate preparation through diligent studying of these subjects and continuous practice of past questions is key. I would recommend obtaining Post-UTME past questions and answers from trusted sources to familiarize yourself with the format and scope of questions. It is also beneficial to study with friends to challenge yourself.

For the oral interview, prepare to articulate your motivation for the course, interest in the subject area, skills, talents, and career ambitions. Review the university and departmental profile to understand their values and ethos. Prepare some thoughtful questions to ask the interviewers regarding the program, research activities and opportunities for students.

With diligent preparation and adequate practice, a candidate can gain the confidence required to excel in the Post-UTME screening. The key factors for success are starting early, studying hard, practicing continuously and entering the examination hall with the right mindset. Putting in the work required and having the determination to succeed will set you on the path to gaining admission into Hallmark University.

How to Apply for Hallmark University Post-Utme

To apply for the Hallmark University Post-UTME screening exercise, there are a few steps I would recommend following:

Gather the Required Documents

You will need copies of your O’Level results, your JAMB results including your registration number, and a copy of your birth certificate or national ID.

Check Your Eligibility

Make sure you meet the minimum entry requirements for your desired course of study at Hallmark University. For most programs, you will need at least 5 O’Level credits including English Language, Mathematics, and 3 other relevant subjects obtained at not more than 2 sittings. Your JAMB score should also meet the minimum cut-off mark for your program.

Complete the Application Form

You can obtain the application form for ₦2,000 from the Hallmark University website or campus. Fill it out carefully and ensure all information provided is accurate and verifiable.

Submit Your Application

Return your completed application form along with photocopies of the required documents to the Hallmark University Admissions Office before the deadline. Your application will be reviewed and eligible candidates will receive an invitation for the Post-UTME screening.

Ace the Screening Test

The Post-UTME will assess your readiness for university education. Review relevant JAMB past questions and the Hallmark University website for more details on what to expect. With adequate preparation, you will excel and secure your admission into your program of choice.

Following these steps and preparing well will set you on the path to gaining admission into Hallmark University. Best of luck!

Subjects Tested in Hallmark Post-Utme Exam

As an aspiring student of Hallmark University, preparing for the Post-UTME screening exercise is critical to gaining admission. The exam tests several key subjects to assess candidates’ readiness for university-level work.

English Language

Proficiency in English is essential, as it is the primary language of instruction at Hallmark University. The English Language section evaluates candidates’ reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar skills. To prepare, I reviewed basic grammar principles, built my vocabulary, and practiced reading and understanding various texts.


The Mathematics section examines knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and quantitative reasoning. I refreshed my memory on fractions, ratios, linear equations, mensuration formulas, and word problems. Mathematics at this level requires logical thinking and step-by-step working to arrive at the correct solutions.

General Paper

The General Paper section tests critical thinking and writing abilities on a range of topics. I read widely on current affairs, science and technology, history, economics, and philosophy to build general knowledge. Strong writing skills, logical presentation of ideas, and coherent arguments supported by relevant examples are assessed.


Questions on measurements, mechanics, waves, optics, electromagnetism, and modern physics are set in the Physics section. I studied the core concepts and principles in physics, familiarized myself with relevant formulas, and worked through many practice questions. Developing an intuitive understanding of physical phenomena is key.

Preparing adequately for these four subjects boosted my confidence going into the Post-UTME screening. With diligent studying, focus, and persistence, any candidate can achieve a high score and secure admission into Hallmark University. The secrets to success are starting early, identifying your weak areas, learning the right materials, and practicing continuously. Putting in the necessary work and refusing to give up will make all the difference.

Hallmark Post-Utme Exam Format and Scoring

The Hallmark University Post-UTME screening exercise is computer-based and comprises three sections: English Language, Mathematics, and General Paper. The questions are multiple-choice and each section has 50 questions that must be answered in 30 minutes.

English Language

This section tests candidates’ understanding of English grammar and language usage. Questions may cover topics such as subject-verb agreement, pronouns, prepositions, spelling, punctuation, antonyms, and synonyms. To prepare, review basic English grammar rules and practice multiple-choice questions.


The mathematics section evaluates candidates’ knowledge of basic high school mathematics, including algebra, geometry, number systems, and word problems. Questions test skills such as calculating percentages, ratios, fractions, linear equations, perimeter, area and volume, and interpreting graphs and tables. Study mathematics concepts from SSCE syllabi to prepare for this section.

General Paper

This section assesses candidates’ critical thinking, comprehension, and analytical skills. Questions cover a range of general knowledge topics, such as current affairs, history, economics, biology and technology. Prepare by reading books, newspapers, and educational websites on a variety of subjects. Pay attention to key events happening around the world to build general knowledge.

To maximize scores in the Hallmark Post-UTME, candidates should prepare thoroughly in all subject areas. The screening is highly competitive, so studying hard and practicing many multiple-choice questions is crucial. On the exam day, carefully read each question and all the options before selecting an answer. Guess logically if unsure of an answer, as there are no penalties for incorrect choices. Time yourself strictly during practice to get accustomed to the timing constraints. With diligent preparation, candidates can achieve a high score in the Hallmark University Post-UTME screening.

Tips and Strategies for Excelling in Hallmark Post-Utme

As an aspiring Hallmark University student, performing well in the Post-UTME screening exercise is crucial to gaining admission. Based on my experience, here are some tips and strategies to excel in Hallmark’s Post-UTME:

Start Preparing Early

Do not wait until the last minute to start studying. Begin preparing at least 2-3 months before the exam date. This will give you enough time to cover all necessary materials and practice adequately.

Obtain the Syllabus

Get a copy of the syllabus for the Post-UTME to know exactly what you will be tested on. Focus your studies on the areas that will be assessed. The syllabus will outline the format, duration, marking scheme and broad topics to be covered.

Study Past Questions

Past questions are a great resource to practice with. They provide insight into the style, scope and difficulty of questions to expect. Review at least the past 5 years of questions and work through them. This will boost your familiarity and confidence.

Prepare for the Computer-Based Test Format

Hallmark’s Post-UTME is computer-based, so ensure you are comfortable with this format. Take online mock tests to simulate the real experience. Time yourself to ensure you can complete all questions in the allotted time.

Work on Your Speed and Accuracy

With limited time, you need to work quickly while maintaining accuracy. Practice doing questions under timed conditions. Start with longer time limits and reduce it over time as you improve. Check your answers to avoid careless mistakes.

Review General Knowledge and Current Affairs

While Hallmark’s Post-UTME focuses primarily on your chosen course of study, it may contain some general knowledge questions. Stay up-to-date with current affairs in Nigeria and around the world. Read newspapers and follow news websites/apps.

Preparing adequately for Hallmark’s Post-UTME will significantly increase your chances of gaining admission into this prestigious institution. With hard work and the right techniques, you can achieve an excellent score. Stay focused and believe in yourself. You’ve got this!


In summary, the Hallmark University Post-UTME is an important hurdle for any candidate seeking admission. With the right preparation and mindset, you can achieve an excellent score. Focus on reviewing the syllabus for your intended course of study. Practice solving past questions to familiarize yourself with the format and content. Get enough rest the night before the exam. On exam day, remain calm and focused. Read each question carefully and choose the best option. You have the opportunity to prove your abilities, so do your best. With dedication and the strategies I have outlined, you will score high on the Post-UTME and secure your place at Hallmark University. Best of luck!

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