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Solutions on How to Create Profile Code/SMS to 55019/66019

Solutions on How to Create Profile Code/SMS to 55019/66019

How to Create Profile Code
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How to Create Profile Code, Candidates have been facing a series of issues since the adoption of NIN (from candidates’ National ID Card) for the JAMB UTME/DE registrations. Candidates had been subjected to a series of headaches due to technical issues, candidate-own mistakes, service provider errors, NIMC-based issues, etc.

Below are similar and previously reported issues by candidates and suggested workarounds.


How to Create Profile Code

1. NIN SMS Sent to 55019/66019 But No Reply

This kind of error may be due to SIM and SMS service centre number mixup. It’s possible that you’d mistakenly tampered with your line SMS service number, right on your phone.

The quickest way to get around this problem of sending NIN to 55019 without a reply received is to remove your SIM from the phone and insert it into another phone.

Now, resend the message and wait a few hours for the response.

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2. NIN to 55019/66019 Was Not Sent Even though I Sent

How to Create Profile Code

Sometimes, when candidates send the messages, their phones return the message “not sent”.

This is a phone-based issue.

To resolve this, candidates should follow the same guide (1) above.

3. Phone Number Used Already by Another Candidate Error

A few candidates had reported that they sent the messages but got this error “this gsm number has already been used by another candidate on e-facility”.

This is a plain explanation that the number (SIM/line) you’re using had once been used to get a different profile code.

You may be the one that used it before, or someone else. We don’t need to argue now. Let’s just find the way out.

Here, my suggestion is for you to use another line to get your profile code. Make sure the new line belongs to you as well. Don’t just borrow a line. You can use another person’s line, though. However, make sure the line has not been used for JAMB or will not be used for JAMB again.


4. Insufficient Balance Error

This error is kind of obvious for candidates to understand.

To get your JAMB profile code and before sending NIN to 55019/66019, you must make sure you have at least #50 on your line/SIM (credit).

The service provider/telecommunication provider will, of course, debit you #50 to send your profile code.

Where that money is not available on your line, you’ll be greeted with the “insufficient balance”.

Kindly load and make sure you’re not trying the service with BONUS credit. Service providers don’t charge BONUS, rather they want main credit (balance).

5. Invalid Character Found Errors

This error is likely to happen if you add other things together with your NIN or you didn’t follow the instructions rightly.

To get the profile code, you’re to send NIN followed by your 11-digit NIN to 55019/66019 e.g. NIN 98543210891

In this case, it has been observed that some candidates usually add full stops (.), colon (:) Dash (-), etc.

It has also been observed that some candidates are still sending their FULL NAMES to 55019/66019 or together with the NIN.

In recent years, the method was to send full names to 55019/66019. This is no longer used.

Don’t add anything. And don’t put space after the last number. Just NIN (one space) 11-digit e.g NIN 97804321678

6. Record Not Found for the NIN

A few students had received this complaint immediately after requesting the profile codes.

To solve this issue, first, check if the number (NIN) you sent was correct. If anything was omitted, correct that. If you put space anywhere after the NIN, remove that.

Then, retry.

If the issue persists, give it a few days and retry. If the same, visit the nearest NIMC to complain.

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7. Date of Birth Invalid Error

You’re likely to receive this error relating to your date of birth while requesting the profile code.

This shows that something is wrong with the date of birth submitted for the National ID card. More likely, you’re not up to 16 years.

JAMB may not be able to fetch the data of candidates less than 16 as that is the required minimum age for admission now.

To solve this issue, you can go back to NIMC to edit your date of birth to be suitable for the exam and admission. This may cost you around #15,000.

After the correction, wait for them to give you the updated slip for the correction. It’s after this you can send the message again.

8. Surname/First Name Missing in Your NIN Details Errors

This is similar to the “first name does not match your NIN details” error.

This is a NIN-based issue. JAMB system is unable to see a correct arrangement of names or the NAME on the NIN is invalid.

To resolve this issue, kindly wait for a few days and retry. NIMC and JAMB should be updating things as time goes on to allow candidates with issues to get through.

If the error persists, visit the nearest NIMC and show them this error. They should be able to spot what is wrong with your National ID Card registration.

9. Your NIN Passport Obtained is not Valid

This is also a NIN-based issue.

The system could not see your passport clearly, or no passport was available in the first place.

This may be a temporary issue. Give it a few days before trying again. Updates must have been done to resolve things from NIMC.

If the same happens after a few days, visit the next NIMC and report this issue. They should be able to help.

10. No record found for NIN Contact NIMC

Another NIN-based issue.

Candidates’ information was not found while the system was trying to fetch your details. It’s possible the registration was recent and a few things needed to be done (by NIMC) before being fully updated.

Here, there may be the need to wait a few days too.

If the same, visit the nearest NIMC centre to complain or send a message to their email following the guide here.

11. NIN Failed NIMC Verification Error

When applicants see this error, it may due to a few reasons.

The problem may be of the SIM that doesn’t belong to you, your data on the NIMC database has issues, etc.

To get over this, kindly change the line to another. And you can still use a line belonging to your parents but not the one you used that complained.

If it persists, visit the nearest NIMC office to complain. They are working to resolve several JAMB candidates’ issues lately.

12. Your Profile Code Has Been Used by Another Number

This is the complaint you will receive if you have been using different lines to receive the profile code.

A few students had tried two or more lines without the profile code sent to them. So when they tried a new line they got the message “Your Profile Code has been used by number 0807618792X” messages.

What happened here was that the quoted line has already been accepted for the profile code. It was the network that didn’t let you receive it through the line.

To solve this issue, go back to the line and use it to text ESEND to 55019660199.

This time, the telecom service will reprocess the profile code and send it.

Please try mostly at night or early in the morning.

13. Unable to charge your line at the moment. [err:net]

This is a temporary network issue by your service provide e.g MTN, Glo, Airtel, (mobile. You will need to give it enough time before trying again.

First, give it about 4 hours before trying again. Before you retry switch off your phone and on it again. You can now retry.

You can also wait till night or early in the morning before trying.

JAMB and NIMC Announced Emails and Platform To Lodge Complaints

Whereas, NIMC and JAMB have released the email candidates can send complaints to about their issues.

If you’ve tried everything, as detailed in this post or anything else, without success, you can send a short complaint message to:

  1. [email protected] (For NIN related issues, send your Full Names and NIN to this email. The wait a few hours before trying again)
  2. https://www.jamb.gov.ng/support (For any other issues related to the registration, send your complaint through this link).

Originally posted 2023-03-03 05:06:30.

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