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How To Fix Jamb Profile Code Issues ‘55019 Not Responding

How To Fix Jamb Profile Code Issues ‘55019 Not Responding’ and Other Registration Errors


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As a prospective student seeking admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), you have likely encountered frustrating errors with your profile code or SMS verification to 55019. These technical issues threaten to derail your registration and application process, causing unnecessary stress and anxiety. However, there are solutions to overcome these common registration errors and complete your JAMB application successfully.

How To Fix Jamb Profile Code Errors

By following the step-by-step guidelines provided here, you can fix profile code errors like ‘55019 not responding’ or ‘invalid profile code’ and ensure your registration information and choice of schools are properly submitted to JAMB. With patience and persistence, you can outsmart the technical difficulties and achieve your goal of applying to your desired higher education programs. The solutions outlined in this article will get your JAMB registration back on track so you can continue pursuing your academic dreams.

Introduction to JAMB Profile Code and 55019

Introduction to JAMB Profile Code and 55019

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Profile Code is a unique 10-digit code assigned to each candidate upon completion of the JAMB registration process. The code is tied to a candidate’s personal details, choice of institutions and courses of study. To ensure the code is correct and valid, candidates are required to send the code via SMS to 55019.

Once a candidate’s registration details have been processed by JAMB, an SMS containing the Profile Code is sent to the phone number provided during registration. It is imperative that you save this code and keep it confidential as it will be required for checking admission status, printing of result slips, and change of course or institution.

To verify your Profile Code, you need to send it as an SMS to 55019. A reply SMS will then be sent to you indicating whether your code is valid or invalid. An invalid code means there are issues with your registration that need to be resolved. Some possible reasons for an invalid code include:

  • Providing an incorrect phone number
  • Making changes to personal details after registration
  • Choosing a course that is unavailable in the chosen school
  • Failing to complete the registration process

To resolve invalid code issues, you will need to contact JAMB to make necessary corrections. Be prepared to provide evidence to support any changes to details provided during initial registration.

With a valid Profile Code, you can proceed to check your admission status, print result slips, or make changes to course or institution options. However, changes can only be made before the close of JAMB’s admission process, so time is of the essence.

Common Registration Errors and Issues

To successfully register for JAMB, you must provide an active phone number and profile code. However, issues can arise with either of these that prevent registration completion. This section details common errors and solutions to help get your registration back on track.

Profile Code Not Recognized

If entering your profile code returns an error message that it is invalid or not recognized, first double check that you have entered the correct code provided in your JAMB registration slip. Codes are case-sensitive, so enter the code exactly as shown. If the code is correct, your registration slip may have been issued with an incorrect code – contact JAMB support to have a new registration slip with a valid profile code reissued.

Profile Code SMS Not Received

If you have not received an SMS with your profile code after paying for your JAMB registration, there are a few possible issues. Ensure you provided the correct phone number that you have access to – JAMB will send profile codes only to the number provided during registration. Check your message inbox, spam, and trash folders to ensure the code message was not missed or filtered. If still not received after 24 hours, contact JAMB support to have a new registration slip and profile code issued.

‘55019 Not Responding’ Error

This error indicates JAMB’s short code 55019 is not responding to the profile code you entered. This is often a temporary network issue – wait 30 minutes and try again. If the issue persists, check with your mobile network provider to ensure your account is active with SMS enabled. As a last resort, you may need to visit your JAMB state office to have your registration manually verified and completed.

With patience and by following the appropriate steps, most common JAMB registration errors can be resolved. Be sure to keep records of your registration in case further contact with JAMB support is needed. If all else fails, visiting your JAMB state office is the best path to getting your account registered and activated.

“Phone Number Used Already by Another Candidate” Error Fix

If you receive the error “Phone Number Used Already by Another Candidate” when trying to register your profile code on the JAMB portal, here are some steps you can take to resolve the issue:

Double check the phone number

Carefully re-enter your phone number to ensure there are no typos or incorrect digits. Mobile phone numbers in Nigeria contain 11 digits, including the 0 at the beginning.

Try registering with an alternate phone number

If the phone number you are attempting to use belongs to someone else or was used for a previous JAMB registration, you will need to provide an alternate number to complete your profile registration. Use a number that belongs to you and has not been used before on the JAMB portal.

Contact JAMB support

If you have double checked your phone number and are still receiving the error, you may need to contact JAMB support to report the issue and have them manually verify and approve your profile registration. You can reach JAMB support in the following ways:

• Call the JAMB support helpline at 07023101682 or 07023101683. Explain your issue to the phone agent and provide details regarding your profile code and phone number.

• Send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]. In your email, state your full name, JAMB registration number, profile code, and the phone number you are attempting to use. The JAMB support team will review your information and contact you regarding next steps to resolve the issue.

• Visit your nearest JAMB state office. You may need to bring documentation proving your identity and ownership of the phone number in question. JAMB officials can review your information in person and override the system to approve your profile registration.

Following these steps carefully and providing the requested information to JAMB support should help resolve the “Phone Number Used Already by Another Candidate” error so you can complete your profile registration successfully. Let JAMB support know if you have any other issues or require further assistance.

Fixing the “NIN Failed NIMC Verification” Error

To resolve the “NIN Failed NIMC Verification” error, follow these steps:

Double check your NIN information

First, double check that you have entered your NIN and other personal details correctly on the JAMB portal. typographical errors or a single incorrect digit in your NIN can trigger this error message. Carefully re-enter your NIN and full name as it appears on your National ID card to ensure there are no mistakes.

Update or re-enroll your NIN

If your details are correct, your NIN may need to be updated or re-enrolled with NIMC. Visit an enrolment center to validate and update your NIN information. Bring your original National ID card and a printout of the error message you received. The NIMC agent will re-enroll your NIN and update any outdated information to sync with JAMB’s records.

Check for name discrepancies

Another common reason for this error is differences between the name on your JAMB registration and your name as it appears on your National ID card. Even minor discrepancies like a missing middle name or surname can trigger verification issues. Visit an enrolment center to formally update and reconcile your name on both JAMB and NIMC records.

Contact JAMB support

If the steps above do not resolve your issue, you may need to contact JAMB directly for further support. Call the JAMB helpdesk or visit your nearest JAMB state office. Explain your situation to the support agent and provide any details about steps you have already taken to fix the problem. They can conduct a manual review and verification of your details to determine the root cause of the issue and make necessary corrections to lift the block on your profile.

With patience and persistence, you can overcome the “NIN Failed NIMC Verification” error and resume using JAMB services. Following the proper procedures to validate your NIN and reconcile records across agencies is key to resolving this complaint in a timely manner.

What to Do When 55019 Is Not Responding

When the 55019 SMS short code is not responding, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

Check Your Network Connectivity

First, ensure you have a stable internet connection on your mobile device. If you have a weak or disrupted signal, the SMS may fail to send or receive. Switch from mobile data to Wi-Fi or vice versa and try sending the SMS again.

Confirm You Entered the Correct Code

Double check that you entered 55019 correctly. Entering an incorrect code is a common reason for non-delivery of SMS messages. Delete the thread and re-enter 55019 to send a new SMS.

Update Your Phone Software

Outdated software on your mobile phone can sometimes interfere with SMS messaging services. Perform any available software or security updates on your Android or iOS device. Then try sending the SMS to 55019 again.

Contact Your Mobile Carrier

If issues continue, contact your mobile carrier’s customer support for further help. They can check if there are any network outages or SMS disruptions impacting your area or account. They may also suggest resetting your network settings or SIM card to resolve any software glitches.

Wait and Try Again

Occasionally, temporary system issues can prevent SMS delivery for a short period. Wait 30 minutes to an hour and then attempt sending another SMS to 55019. The problem may have resolved itself in that time frame. If issues persist after trying the steps above, you may need to contact the Jamb registration support center directly for additional help.

With some troubleshooting, you should be able to resolve problems contacting the 55019 SMS short code and continue with your Jamb profile registration. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Troubleshooting Other Profile Code Issues

If you receive an error message stating “55019 not responding” or experience other issues registering your profile code, there are a few things you can try to resolve the problem.

Double check the code

First, verify that you have entered the correct 10-digit profile code. Check for any typos or transposed numbers and re-enter the code carefully.

Try again later

The NIMC system can experience temporary technical difficulties that prevent profile code registration. Wait 30 minutes and try submitting your code again. The issue may have been resolved in the interim.

Use an alternate registration method

If you continue experiencing issues registering via SMS to 55019, you can submit your profile code through the NIMC Mobile App, NIMC Pre-Enrolment Portal or by visiting an enrolment center. Provide your profile code and personal details to complete your registration through an alternate channel.

Contact NIMC support

As a last resort, you may need to reach out to the NIMC Contact Center for further assistance in troubleshooting and resolving your profile code registration issues. Call the support line at 0700 CALL NIMC (0700 2255 6426) or email [email protected]. Be prepared to provide details about the specific error(s) you are receiving and any steps you have already taken to try and fix the problem. Support agents can review your case, diagnose the underlying issue and work to unlock your profile code registration as quickly as possible.

Following these troubleshooting tips and contacting NIMC support if needed should help get your profile code registered successfully so you can proceed with other NIN enrollment steps. Let the support team know if you face any additional roadblocks in completing your registration.

Frequently Asked Questions About JAMB Registration

To successfully register for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), it is important to understand the process thoroughly. Here are some common questions and issues applicants face during registration and their solutions:

One of the most frequent errors is “55019 Not Responding” or a similar message displaying when attempting to generate a profile code. This occurs when JAMB’s servers are experiencing high volume. Wait 30 minutes and try again. If the issue persists after multiple attempts, visit the nearest accredited CBT center to have your profile code generated.

Some applicants report receiving profile codes and SMS texts with errors or delays. Ensure you have provided the correct phone number that will receive SMS texts during registration. Typographical errors when entering your phone number can lead to SMS issues. Carefully check that the number you submitted matches the number for your registered SIM card. If SMS texts are still not being received after double-checking for errors, you may need to visit an accredited CBT center to continue your registration.

Issues validating emails are also common complaints. Be sure to enter a working email address you have access to during registration. Check your email’s spam and junk folders in case the validation email was incorrectly filtered. If needed, you can request another validation email through your JAMB profile.

Some applicants struggle to access or log in to their JAMB profiles after registration. Keep your password, username, and email login credentials in a safe place. If you forget your password, use the “Forgot Password” option on the JAMB portal to reset it. Ensure any email filters allow emails from JAMB to avoid missing important account notifications.

Following the instructions carefully and allowing adequate time to complete each step of the registration process will help avoid these and other errors. Should any issues persist, don’t hesitate to contact JAMB’s helpdesk for further assistance. With patience and attention to detail, you will successfully register for the UTME.

Tips to Avoid Errors When Registering Your Profile Code

To avoid errors when registering your profile code with 55019, follow these tips:

Double check your profile code

Carefully check that you have the correct 11-digit profile code for your specific JAMB registration before sending it to 55019. Entering an incorrect code will result in an error message and you will have to start the registration process over.

Send only your profile code

Do not include any extra characters, spaces or punctuation when texting your profile code to 55019. The system is set up to recognize only the 11 digits. Any additional information will generate an error.

Confirm message delivery

Double check that your profile code text message to 55019 was delivered by confirming the message status. If it shows as “not delivered” or “pending”, you may have issues with your network connectivity preventing the message from sending. Try moving to an area with better signal strength and resend the text.

Only use 55019

The 55019 short code is the only number designated to receive JAMB profile codes. Sending your code to any other number will not register your profile and is unlikely to generate a response. For the registration process to work properly, you must text only 55019.

Avoid network congestion periods

Sending your profile code during peak network periods may increase the chances of errors or delayed responses. Try to text 55019 during non-peak hours, such as early morning or late evening when fewer people are using the mobile network. This can help avoid network congestion and improve your registration experience.

By carefully following these tips, you can minimize common issues that lead to error messages and problems when registering your JAMB profile code with 55019. Taking your time and double checking each step will set you up for a successful registration process.

NIN SMS Sent to 55019 But No Reply

If you have sent your National Identification Number (NIN) to 55019 as an SMS but have not received a reply, there are a few possible issues to check:

Check Your Network Connectivity

Ensure you have a stable network connection when sending the SMS. Poor connectivity can lead to message failures or delays. Try sending the message again once your network connection has improved.

Confirm Your NIN

Double check that the NIN you entered is correct. Entering an invalid NIN will result in no response from 55019. Carefully verify each digit to ensure there are no errors.

Wait 24-48 Hours

There can be delays in receiving a response from 55019 due to high volumes of messages. Allow 24 to 48 hours for a reply before attempting to resend your NIN or contact customer support. The system may be experiencing temporary issues that will be resolved once the volume decreases.

Contact Customer Support

If you have waited 48 hours and still have not received a response after resending your NIN, contact the customer support center to report the issue. Provide details about the date and time you sent the initial SMS message along with the mobile number used. Customer service agents can investigate further to determine if there are any problems with your registration or the 55019 system.

To summarize, patience and double checking details are key when experiencing delays or non-responses after SMSing your NIN to 55019. Following up with customer service after 48 hours is recommended if the issues persist, as they are equipped to look into the matter and provide specialized support. With some troubleshooting, your NIN registration via SMS should be resolved and successful.

wrong parameter passed, send help to 55019

If you receive the error message “55019 not responding” or encounter issues registering your profile code, there are a few solutions to try.

Double check the code

Carefully verify that the profile code you received is correct by checking it against the code on your admission letter or email. Be sure there are no extra spaces or characters and that all letters are capitalized properly. A single incorrect character or space can cause issues.

Try again in 30 minutes

The 55019 SMS system can experience high volume at times, causing delays in delivering profile codes or confirming registrations. Wait 30 minutes and then attempt sending the HELP request or registering your profile code again. The system should be less busy, and your message or registration should go through.

Contact JAMB

If you have double checked the profile code and tried again with no success after 30 minutes, contact the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) for further assistance. You can call JAMB’s helpdesk at 0700 696 4262 or send an email to [email protected]. Explain the full details of the error you are receiving and provide your profile code, registration number, and any other relevant information. JAMB should be able to diagnose and resolve the issue, whether it is a system error or an issue with your specific registration.

Following these troubleshooting tips can help resolve common issues with registering profile codes or receiving error messages from the 55019 SMS system. With patience and by contacting JAMB for additional support if needed, you will be able to successfully complete your registration.

Insufficient Balance Error

To resolve the “55019 Not Responding” and “Insufficient Balance” errors when registering for JAMB profile codes, there are a few solutions to try:

Check Your Account Balance

The “Insufficient Balance” error means there are not enough funds in your linked bank account to complete the transaction. Add more money to your account or link a different account with sufficient balance.

Verify Your Profile Information

Double check that all information entered matches what is on your government-issued ID, including your name, date of birth, and personal identity number. Incorrect or incomplete info can cause issues processing your request.

Try Again During Off-Peak Hours

The 55019 SMS registration system can get overwhelmed during busy periods, often causing timeouts and errors. Attempt your registration again during off-peak hours like early mornings or late evenings when volume is lower. This may allow your request to go through successfully.

Contact Your Mobile Network Provider

If issues persist, get in touch with your mobile carrier to report the problem. Explain that you are unable to receive profile codes via SMS to the 55019 short code. They may need to troubleshoot or reset your connection to the short code messaging system. Provide details about the specific error messages you have received to help resolve the issue.

Visit a JAMB Office In Person

As a last resort, you may need to register for your JAMB profile code in person at your nearest JAMB state office. Bring your government-issued ID and other required documents to complete the registration. While inconvenient, this ensures your information is captured correctly and avoids ongoing SMS issues.

Following these steps carefully should help you overcome registration errors and obtain your JAMB profile code successfully via SMS or in person. Stay persistent and patient through the process. With the proper balance, verification, timing and possible help from your mobile carrier or a visit to a JAMB office, you will get your profile code issued without delay.


You no longer need to worry about issues with your JAMB profile code or errors when sending SMS to 55019. By following the solutions outlined here, you can resolve common registration problems and ensure your information is properly recorded with JAMB. With patience and persistence, you’ll be able to create your profile, update your details, and check your admission status. While technology does not always work as intended, the resources and options provided by JAMB empower you to take control of the process. Stay optimistic, try alternative options if needed, and don’t hesitate to contact JAMB support for further help. With the right approach, you’ll overcome any obstacles in your path to a successful JAMB registration and admission.

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