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JAMB CRK 2024 Key Points and Areas of Concentration

JAMB CRK 2024 Key Points and Areas of Concentration

As a student preparing for the 2024 JAMB exam, focusing your efforts on key areas of the Christian Religious Studies curriculum is critical to success.

JAMB CRK 2024 Key Points and Areas of Concentration

With the wide range of topics covered in CRK, knowing where to concentrate your study time can make the difference between passing and failing. Through years of experience helping students prepare for JAMB, I have identified several essential themes and subjects students should prioritize. Mastering these core areas will provide a solid foundation in the material, allowing you to walk into the exam room with confidence. While surprises may appear on the test, you can rely on these key points appearing in some form. Use this guide to help focus your preparation and achieve your best score on the 2024 JAMB CRK exam.

CRK Areas of Concentration: The Synoptic Gospels

As a candidate preparing for the 2024 JAMB exam, a key area of concentration in Christian Religious Knowledge should be the Synoptic Gospels. The Synoptic Gospels refer to the first three gospels of the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

  • Matthew, Mark, and Luke contain many of the same stories, often in the same sequence and sometimes almost verbatim. The term “synoptic” means “seen together.” These gospels are synoptic because they can be “seen together” and compared side by side.
  • Candidates should study details about the authors of the Synoptic Gospels, including their backgrounds and purposes for writing. For example, Matthew was a tax collector aiming to show Jesus as the Messiah and King of the Jews, while Luke was a physician focusing on an orderly account of Jesus’s life and ministry.
  • Key events, parables, and teachings should be reviewed, including Jesus’s baptism, the Sermon on the Mount, the parables of the Good Samaritan and Prodigal Son, and Jesus’s predictions of his death and resurrection.
  • Differences between the Synoptic Gospels, such as variations in wording, chronology of events, and inclusion of additional material, should also be noted. For instance, Mark does not include details of Jesus’s birth and early life.

By concentrating on the Synoptic Gospels, candidates can gain a strong foundation in the life, ministry, and message of Jesus. Mastery of the similarities and differences between Matthew, Mark, and Luke will be invaluable for success on the 2024 JAMB CRK exam. Overall, the Synoptic Gospels provide a glimpse into the heart of Christianity and the person of Jesus Christ.

Key Points From the Gospel of Matthew

As a Christian Religious Studies student preparing for the JAMB exam, a thorough understanding of the Gospel of Matthew is essential. This gospel provides an account of the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, focusing on his role as the Messiah and Son of God.

  1. Jesus as the Messiah. Matthew emphasizes Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah of Israel by frequently citing prophecies from the Old Testament that Jesus fulfills. For example, Matthew 1 traces Jesus’ genealogy to show he is a descendant of King David.
  2. Jesus as the Son of God. Matthew portrays Jesus as divine and as the Son of God. Events like the virgin birth, the baptism of Jesus where God proclaims “This is my Son,” and the transfiguration all point to Jesus’ divinity.
  3. The Kingdom of Heaven. The “kingdom of heaven” is a prominent theme in Matthew. Jesus teaches about and proclaims the kingdom of heaven through parables and sermons, like the Sermon on the Mount. The kingdom of heaven refers to God’s rule and reign.
  4. Discipleship. Matthew also emphasizes following Jesus as a disciple. Jesus calls his first disciples and commissions the Twelve Apostles to spread his message. He teaches them about discipleship through parables and the Sermon on the Mount.

In summary, the Gospel of Matthew presents Jesus as the Messiah and Son of God who proclaims the kingdom of heaven and calls people to follow him as disciples. A strong grasp of these key points and themes will prepare you well for questions on Matthew in the JAMB CRK exam. With diligent study and faith in God, you can succeed.

Key Points From the Gospel of Mark

As a Christian Religious Studies student preparing for the 2024 JAMB exam, a thorough understanding of the Gospel of Mark is essential. This gospel provides key insights into the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jesus as the Son of God

Mark’s gospel establishes Jesus as the Son of God, the Messiah, and savior of humanity. From the first verse, Mark identifies Jesus as the “Son of God” (#Mark 1:1#). This is reinforced through the words of God the Father at Jesus’ baptism (#Mark 1:11#) and transfiguration (#Mark 9:7#).

Jesus’ Miracles and Authority

A major theme is Jesus’ authority and power through miracles like exorcisms, healings, and nature miracles. These acts demonstrate Jesus’ power over evil spirits, sickness, nature, and even death. Some of the miracles include:

  • Casting out demons (#Mark 1:21-28#)
  • Healing Simon’s mother-in-law (#Mark 1:29-31#)
  • Calming the storm (#Mark 4:35-41#)
  • Feeding the 5,000 (#Mark 6:30-44#)
  • Walking on water (#Mark 6:45-52#)
  • Raising Jairus’ daughter from the dead (#Mark 5:21-24, 35-43#)

The Cost of Discipleship

Mark emphasizes the high cost of discipleship. Jesus calls His disciples to abandon everything to follow Him (#Mark 1:16-20#). True disciples must take up their cross, deny themselves, and follow Jesus obediently (#Mark 8:34-38#). The disciples struggle with this but are promised eternal life.

Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection

Over a third of Mark focuses on the last week of Jesus’ life, including the Last Supper, betrayal, trial, crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection. Jesus willingly gives His life as a “ransom for many” (#Mark 10:45#) but is vindicated through His resurrection from the dead. His victory over sin and death offers salvation to all who believe.

In summary, Mark’s gospel provides a fast-paced account of Jesus’ identity, ministry, message, passion, and resurrection. Mastery of this gospel will prepare you well for the JAMB CRK exam in 2024. Study it thoroughly and keep its major themes and events at the forefront of your mind.

Key Points From the Gospel of Luke

As a Christian Religious Studies student preparing for the 2024 JAMB exam, a thorough understanding of the Gospel of Luke is essential. This gospel provides an account of the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Birth of Jesus

The Gospel of Luke begins with the story of the birth of Jesus, including the annunciation of the angel Gabriel to Mary, the virgin birth, and the visit of the shepherds after Jesus’ birth. Luke 2:1-20.

The Ministry of Jesus

A large portion of the Gospel of Luke focuses on Jesus’ ministry, including his baptism, temptation in the wilderness, calling of the disciples, teachings, parables, miracles, and interactions with various people. Some of the well-known parables found in Luke include the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son. Luke 3-19.

The Crucifixion and Resurrection

The Gospel of Luke concludes with Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, his last supper with the disciples, arrest, trial, crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension into heaven. Luke 19-24.

Key Themes

Some of the key themes in Luke include:

  • Jesus as the Son of Man and savior of humanity
  • Concern for social outcasts and the poor
  • The role of women
  • Prayer and the Holy Spirit
  • Forgiveness and salvation

To prepare for the CRK exam, focus your study on understanding the Gospel of Luke, its historical context, themes, and significance. Be able to identify key events, parables, and teachings. Know the characters and locations mentioned. And understand how this gospel relates to the overall story of Jesus Christ and Christian beliefs. With diligent preparation, you will be well equipped for the JAMB CRK exam.

Frequently Asked Questions: JAMB CRK 2024

As a JAMB candidate preparing for the 2024 CRK exam, you likely have some questions about what to expect and how best to prepare. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive from students:

What topics will be covered in JAMB CRK 2024?

The exam will cover a wide range of topics from the CRK curriculum, including:

  • Biblical history and knowledge of the Bible
  • Christian beliefs and doctrines
  • Church history
  • Moral teachings and ethics
  • Contemporary issues like marriage, technology, and globalization

How many questions will be on the exam?

The CRK exam will contain 50 multiple-choice questions. Candidates will have 1 hour to complete the exam.

What materials should I study?

Focus your studies on the following:

  • The Bible (especially the New Testament)
  • CRK textbooks from JSS 1 through SSS 3
  • Past questions from JAMB, WAEC, and NECO
  • Relevant materials on Christian beliefs, church history, ethics, and contemporary issues

What question types can I expect?

The majority of questions will be direct, requiring recall of facts and concepts. However, some questions may be more analytical, asking you to apply knowledge, make inferences, or evaluate situations. Be prepared for both lower-order and higher-order question types.

What is the best way to prepare?

Here are some recommendations to prepare for the JAMB CRK exam:

  1. Develop a regular study schedule and stick to it. Cramming at the last minute is ineffective.
  2. Focus on understanding concepts and themes, not just memorizing facts.
  3. Practice with past questions to familiarize yourself with the format and experience.
  4. Study with friends to quiz each other. This can make studying more engaging and effective.
  5. Get plenty of rest the night before the exam. This will help you focus and perform your best.

With diligent preparation, you can feel confident going into the JAMB CRK 2024 exam. Best of luck!

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JAMB CRK 2024 Key Points and Areas of Concentration


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In summary, to excel in the 2024 JAMB CRK exam, students must focus their efforts on mastering the key topics and areas of concentration discussed in this article. By developing a strong grasp of biblical knowledge, church history, social issues, and Christian religious practices, students will build a solid foundation to achieve their best possible score. With diligent preparation and practice of these essential concepts and skills, students can feel fully equipped to demonstrate their knowledge on exam day. By following the guidance provided here, students have an opportunity to thrive in this important exam and take an important step toward their educational and career goals. The key is to start preparing early and maintain consistent progress to achieve the best outcome.

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