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Waec Physics Practical Specimen 2023

Waec Physics Practical Specimen 2023

Waec Physics Practical Specimen 2023
2021 Waec Physics Specimens (Waec Chemistry Practical 2021)

WAEC physics Specimen 2023: This page contains a list of chemicals, apparatuses, and Materials that will be used for the May/June 2025 physics Practical. All you need to do is to stay focused and follow me.

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The West African Examinations Council is an examination board that conducts the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, for University and Jamb entry examination in West African countries.

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Table of Contents




West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for School Candidates, 2023

SC 2023



Instructions to Schools

  1. Great care should be taken to ensure that the information given below does not reach the candidates either indirectly before the examination.
  2. In addition to the usual apparatus in a physics laboratory, each candidate will require the following:

Waec Physics Specimen 2025 (PHYSICS APPARATUS)

  • Two-metre rules
  • Two Retort stand and clamp
  • Thread (about 250cm long)
  • Stopwatch Or Clock
  • A weighing balance
  • Splits Corks
  • A set of Masses (Two 10g, two 20g and two 50g)
  • Ray box with illuminated Object (Crosswire)
  • Convex Lens(f=15cm)
  • Screen
  • Metre Rule
  • Lens Holder
  • Accumulator or two Dry Cells (2×1.5V)
  • Ammeter (0—1A)
  • Crocodile Clip
  • A 2Ω Resistor
  • Key
  • Constant Wire (About 1m long)
  • Connecting Wires


3. The following announcement should be made to the candidates at the beginning of the examination:

‘The Examiner does not want you to waste your time
because you cannot proceed with an
experiment. Any candidate, therefore, who cannot get on with the experiment after spending 15 minutes on it, may come
to me and ask for help.’

4. The Physics Teacher should be allowed to give a ‘Lint to a candidate who is unable to proceed with the experiment.

5. The following regulations must be strictly adhered to.

(a) No hint should be announced to the candidates as a whole.
(b) A candidate who is unable to proceed and requires assistance must come up to you and state his or her difficulty. The candidate should be told that the Examiner will be informed of any assistance given in this way.
(c) A note must be made, on the Report Form, of any assistance given to any candidate, with the name and index number of the candidate.



6. Report Forms are provided separately, on which you are required to state the following:

(a) detailed information about the apparatus where necessary;
(b) any particular difficulties experienced by any candidate, especially if the Examiner would be unable to discover these from the scripts;

(c) any departure from the specified items which could not be avoided;
(d) any assistance given to the candidates under the regulations explained in 5 above.

7. In cases where several sets of apparatus are provided for a question and specific information about the appAratus is required by the Examiner, each piece of apparatus about which the information is required, and may differ slightly for different candidates. must he m, ked letters A, B, C, etc. and the corresponding information must be reported, showing which apparatus was supplied to which candidate. The candidates should be instructed to record these letters in their scripts.

8. A completed Report Form must be enclosed in each envelope of scripts.

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