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2022 Jamb English Language Mock Questions

2022 Jamb English Language Mock Questions
Based on demands from candidates who did not participate in the JAMB mock exam,
The purpose is to give candidates fresh ideas on the kind of questions to expect during the main exam and motivate them towards stepping up their preparation for the main exam that begins soon
We urge candidates who participated in the mock exam to share the questions they came across on each of the subjects in the comment section.
Please ensure you comment only on the questions you came across during the mock examination. Also, specify the Subject the question falls under before posting your comment.
If possible, you can go ahead to provide the options that were given for each of the questions so other candidates can try to proffer solutions as well
Remember to keep it real and as simple as possible!

2022 Jamb English Language Mock Questions


We had on comprehension 5 questions under it, One cloze test with 10 questions under it, Life Changer with 7 questions under, sentence completion, antonyms and synonyms, oral English, etc.
Comprehension bothers on the topic of letter writing, and how it is important in day to day life.
For cloze text/register, it bothers on POPULATION


1. What was Talle’s crime?
2. Where did Talle run into when he heard the police siren?
3. Why did the people of Lafayette notice that Talle has committed the crime.
Answer. Because of his uneasiness
4. How many years has Lafayette reign before Talle’s crime?
5. What was the kidnapper Taller collaborated with?
Ans. Zaraki
6. Where did the Police tell Talle to take them to?
Ans. His house where he kept the boy kidnapped
7. How much did the kidnappers demand from the man?
a. ₦250,000 b. $350,000 c. ₦350,000
The questions on life Changer are found in Chapter 3, everything about Table

8. We were asked to stress the word DOCTORATE
*the antonyms and synonyms they posted are correct, but we were also asked questions on stress, emphatic stress, word stress and questions tags.

2022 Jamb English Language Mock Questions

(Life changer)
What time does Ummi’s husband usually close from work?
Ummi’s husband usually closes from work by 5 pm.

Why does Bint’s mom often enter her children’s bedroom without knocking on the door?
– She wanted them to get used to her presence and to always ensure they maintain good hygiene by keeping their room tidy always.

How many credits did Omar get in his WAEC? – Omar got 7 credits in his WAEChttps://www.expocoded.com/waec-gce-2021-financial-accounting-expo/

including in English and mathematics on his first attempt.

Who answered the Teacher’s first question? – Bint

What did Omar demand his siblings refer to him as. – Omar demanded Teemah and Jamilar call him “My Learned Brother”.
2022 Jamb English Language Mock Questions
Why didn’t Ummi tell her children a story about her experience at the university? Ummi’s refused to tell her kids a story about her experience in the university because she felt they were much too young to know about life on campus, especially her own experience.
(Sentence interpretation)
1. Despite his humble beginning, Audu now throws his weight around.
A. Audu is arrogant despite his simple upbringing.
B. Despite his obvious poverty, Audu is a Proudman.
C. His noble birth notwithstanding, Audu is a corrupt man.
D. From his poor background, Audu is now a rich man.

2. Ngozi has always considered her father to be an impassioned man.
A. Her father is a very lively man.
B. Her father is an emotional man.
C. Her father is a disciplined man.
D. Her father is a very strict man.

3. The elders rebuked Olu for taking issue with his principal.
A. Olu was cautioned for shouting at his principal.
B. Olu was scolded for acting in collusion with his principal.
C. Olu was reprimanded for arguing with his principal.
D. Olu was blamed for issuing a statement denying his principal.

2022 Jamb English Language Mock Questions

4. The manager paid us in hard currency. A. We were paid in new notes.
B. We were paid in foreign currency.
C. We were paid in dollars and pound sterling.
D. We were paid in a strong and stable currency. The rest were from Comprehension – with 5 questions allocated to it.
Comprehension passage – with 10 questions allocated to it.
The life-changer had 10 questions allocated to it.
Sentence completion – 5 questions allocated to it.
Sentence interpretation – 5 questions allocated to it.
vowel sound and stress too

In Antonyms, we had words that we were told to find the opposite like :
a. Terse b. Garrulous
A. Rowdy b. Decorous c. Tranquil
A. Frugal b. Miser c.
A. Erratic b. Coerced c.

2022 Jamb English Language Mock Questions

For the case of Synonyms, they are:
A. Eagerly b. Fervently c. Speciousness
A. Would b. Sure c. Bush d. Crush
A. Incipient b. Imminent c. Pending
Bis correct
A. B. Rancid
For possible interpretation:
The meaning of these terms
I. Blow off the handle
Ii. Given the boot
Iii. Play your cards close to your chest
Iv. Putting on a long face
Sentence completion
If I could, I _______
a. Can b. Could c. Will d. Would
This is a…… organisation.
A. Woman b. Women’s c. Women’s d. Womens’

For oral
A. Bale b. Bail c. Aisle d. Hale .. this question was repeated twice.
A. Seal b. Led c. Made d. Beak
Also saw Stress; emphatic stress, word stress and question tags
Topics on blood group, genetics, evolution, adaptation, body systems, identifying parts of a pant.. etc
The hormone which tones up the muscles of a person in time of danger is produced by?
The mode of nutrition exhibited by tapeworm is what?
One of the following is a common feature of radial symmetry
The supporting tissue of the xylem is poorly developed where?
The thoracic cavity is separated from the abdominal region by dome-shaped muscles known as?
The function of chloroplast is?
The shape of the heart from the amphibian fishes down to humans is what type of evolutionary study?

The evolutionary study that involves the foetal is what?

What do animal and plant cells have in common
A. Central vacuole b Chloroplast c. Cell membrane d. Cell wall

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