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2022 Jamb LITERATURE in English Mock Questions and Answers

2022 Jamb LITERATURE in English Mock Questions and Answers

Literary appreciation
Schemed to steal the secret (paradoxical, ironical, alliterative, oxymoron)

2022 Jamb LITERATURE in English Mock Questions and Answers

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The season of the maggi is(summer, autumn, winter, spring)
The rhetorical question in the good morrow shows (tender his apology to his lover, show his commitment to his lover, awaken his lover’s memory, express his confusion about their relationship
The grieved lands predominant device is(flashback, paradox, repetition, oxymoron)

Literary texts
Second class citizen is it(linear, convoluted, circuitous, consequential)
Look back in anger
Alison’s father served in the military for – years(40, 30, 35, 45)
The play is an example of (domestic comedy, kitchen sink drama, theatre of the absurd, epic drama)
Jimmy supports(govt, military, rich,poor)
Unexpected joy at dawn
The challenge that causes Nii to leave Ghana is(marital, religio-political, social-political, personal)
The central character is (Mama, Nii, Massa, Aaron)
Wuthering heights
Heathcliff retaliates against (linton and dinnery, linton and Catherine, linton and ellen, linton and earnshaw)

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English language
In the comprehension passage they asked what jocular/trivial means and what acumen means to
The register was on population
Opposite in meaning
Verbose- terse(was one of the options i didn’t write all)
loath- coerced and erratic (part of the options i didn’t write all)
generous-frugal(was one of the options i didn’t write all)
Serene- rowdy and decorous (part of the options i didn’t write all)
Nearest in meaning
putrid- rancid((was one of the options i didn’t write all)
looming- incipient and imminent (part of the options i didn’t write all)
earnestly- fervently and eagerly (part of the options i didn’t write all)
Jury(bush, crush, sure, would)
Consonant sounds
aSSurance(stitch, sow, shoe,chew)
Vowel sound
stEAk(beak, made, led, seal)
bile(bail, bail, aisle, hale)the bail was written two times
This is a – organisation
(woman, womens, woman’s, women’s)
2 questions from emphatic stress was asked
The life changer questions were asked from here too
four syallabic words

1. The plot of SECOND CLASS CITIZEN is written in
A. Linear B. Consequential C. Circuitous D. Convoluted
2. In LOOK BACK IN ANGER, Alison’s father served in the military for how many years?
A. 45 B. 40 C. 30 D. 35
3. The play, LOOK BACK IN ANGER, is an example of
A. Domestic comedy B. Epic drama C. Theater of absurd D. Kitchen sink drama
4. What is the literary device used in the sentence below, “Schemed to steal the secret”?

2022 Jamb LITERATURE in English Mock Questions and Answers

A. Alliteration B. Irony C. Oxymoron D. Paradox
5. In LOOK BACK IN ANGER, Jimmy supports
A. Rich B. Poor C. Military D. Government
6. The Season of the Maggi in the poem, JOURNEY OF THE MAGI, is characters in
A. Summer B. Autumn C. Winter D. Spring
7. The use of rhetorical question in the poem, GOOD MORROW portrays
A. Show of his commitment to his lover B. Tender his apology to the lover C. Awaken his lover’s memory D. Express his confusion about their relationship.
8. The prominent device used in the poem, THE GRIEVED LAND, is
A. Oxymoron B. Paradox C. Flashback D. Repetition
9. In UNEXPECTED JOY AT DAWN, the challenge that caused Nii to leave Ghana was
A. Sociopolitical B. personal C. Religious D. Marital
10. The central character in UNEXPECTED JOY AT DAWN was
A. Mama B. Nii C. Massa D. Aaron

2022 Jamb LITERATURE in English Mock Questions and Answers

11. In WUTHERING HEIGHTS, Healthcliff revenged against
A. Linton and Dinnery B. Linton and Catherine C. Linton and Ellen D. Linton and Earnshaw
12. 5 Context questions from MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM
13. In LOOK BACK IN ANGER, Jimmy was living in……
14. The three main characters in LION AND THE JEWEL ARE
15. In LOOK BACK IN ANGER, Jimmy’s wife is?
16. What is the symbolic expression of the caged bird in the poem,THE CAGED BIRD?
17. WUTHERING HEIGHTS, who’s Isabella’s son?
18. GOVERNMENT DRIVER ON HIS RETIREMENT DAY, what was the writers regret?
19. An animal mentioned in the leader and the led is
A. Hippopotamus B. Giraffe C.Kangaroo D. Chimpanzee
20. The conflict in lion and the Jewel is between…. A. Sadiku and Baroka B. Sidi and Lakunle C. Baroka and Sidi D. Baroka and Lakunle
21 . The play, Lion and Jewel centers on A. Politics B. Marriage C. Cultures
22. The main characters in the play, Lion and Jewel are A. Lakunle, Baroka, Sidi B. Sadiku, Baroka, sidi C. Lakunle, Sidi, Sadiku
23. Look Back in anger has…
A. Five Acts B. Four Acts C. Three Acts D. Two Acts
24. Look back in anger is an example of….. A. Metaphysical Drama B. Kitchen Sink Drama C. All in round drama

25. Maya Angelou caged bird is aA. Lyrical poem B. Ode C. Epic D. Idyl

26. Baroka is ….? A. King B. Jewel C. Lion D. Teacher
27. Another bird mentioned in BAT by D.H Lawrence is A. Sparrow B. Parrot C. Swallow D. Humming Bird

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