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2025 JAMB Commerce Syllabus and Recommended Textbooks Revealed

2025 JAMB Commerce Syllabus and Recommended Textbooks Revealed


As we prepare to usher in a new year, students across Nigeria are gearing up for the upcoming Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board exams. For those planning to study Commerce at the tertiary level, now is the time to start reviewing the syllabus and acquiring necessary resources to support your preparation. As an educator with over 15 years of experience helping students achieve their academic goals, I have reviewed the recently released 2025 JAMB Commerce syllabus and compiled a list of recommended textbooks to help you study efficiently and effectively. In this article, I will provide an overview of the syllabus topics and outline which textbooks will be most useful for mastering the required concepts and content. With the right information and resources, you can feel well-prepared to take on the Commerce exam and achieve your desired score. Let’s get started.

2025 JAMB Commerce Syllabus

2025 JAMB Commerce Syllabus: What You Need to Know

As an aspiring commerce student preparing for the 2025 JAMB exam, it is important to understand the syllabus and recommended textbooks to adequately prepare. According to the Joint Admissions and Matriulations Board (JAMB), the commerce syllabus focuses on the following areas:

  • Business environment: This includes topics such as types of business organizations, business financing, location, and effects of government policies on business. Students should understand the various components of the business environment and how they interact.
  • Financial accounting: This covers accounting concepts and conventions, preparation of financial statements, analysis and interpretation of financial statements, and accounting for partnerships. Students should be well-versed in basic accounting principles and procedures.
  • Marketing: The syllabus includes marketing foundations, segmentation, targeting, positioning, marketing mix, and trends in marketing. Students need to understand core marketing concepts, strategies and tools to succeed in this section.
  • Economics: This comprises basic economic problems, tools of economic analysis, demand and supply, production and costs, and market structures. A solid grasp of micro and macroeconomics fundamentals is required.

To prepare for this syllabus, I would recommend the following approved textbooks:

  1. Essentials of Marketing Management by Philip Kotler
  2. Financial Accounting by J.E. Akenbor
  3. Economics: Principles and Practice by N. Gregory Mankiw

With diligent study of these course materials and textbooks, commerce students will be well-positioned to pass the JAMB exam and gain admission into their desired university programs. The syllabus covers a wide range of topics, so students should start preparing early to adequately cover all areas.

2025 JAMB Commerce Syllabus: Principles of Accounts

As an official subject in the 2025 JAMB, Commerce syllabus, Principles of Accounts focuses on the fundamentals of accounting and bookkeeping. In this section, I will outline the key topics and concepts candidates can expect to encounter in Principles of Accounts.

To begin, the syllabus covers the definition and purpose of accounting as a means of recording business transactions and financial events. Candidates will learn about assets, liabilities, income, expenses, and owner’s equity – the elements of the accounting equation. They will also study the rules of double-entry bookkeeping and how to analyze and record transactions in the journal, post to the ledger, and prepare a trial balance.

Additional areas of focus include different types of accounts, the chart of accounts, the cash book, the petty cash book, and the imprest system. Candidates will understand how to prepare final accounts, including the trading account, profit and loss account, and balance sheet. They will learn both the vertical and horizontal layouts.

The syllabus also addresses the need to account for adjustments such as accruals, prepayments, provision for bad debts, provision for discount on debtors, and depreciation. Students will learn various depreciation methods like the straight line and reducing balance methods. They will understand how to calculate and account for depreciation.

In summary, the 2025 JAMB Commerce syllabus for Principles of Accounts aims to equip students with a strong foundation in accounting principles and skills. Mastery of the topics and concepts outlined here will prepare candidates for an accounting career and more advanced studies. With diligent study of the recommended textbooks, students can gain a comprehensive understanding of Principles of Accounts.

2025 JAMB Commerce Syllabus: Business Management

As a part of the 2025 JAMB syllabus for Commerce, Business Management is a core subject. In this section, I will outline the key topics and concepts you can expect to see in this subject.

Nature and Significance of Management

Management is the process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities of an organization to achieve the set objectives. Good management is important for the success of any organization. Key management functions include:

  • Planning: Setting objectives and determining the best course of action to achieve them.
  • Organizing: Assigning tasks, allocating resources and coordinating activities.
  • Directing: Providing leadership and guidance to motivate employees.
  • Controlling: Monitoring activities to ensure they are on track to achieving objectives.

Evolution of Management Thought

The study of management has evolved over time based on the work of key contributors. Some of the main schools of thought include:

  1. Scientific Management: Focus on improving efficiency through optimized workflow and standardization. Key proponents were Frederick Taylor and Henri Fayol.
  2. Administrative Management: Emphasis on management functions, organizational structures and authority. Key proponents were again Henri Fayol and Max Weber.
  3. Behavioral Management: Focus on human behavior and motivation in the workplace. Key proponents were Elton Mayo, Mary Parker Follett and Abraham Maslow.

Basic Elements of Management

Key elements for effective management include planning tools (e.g. SWOT analysis), organizational structures (e.g. hierarchy, matrix), authority (e.g. line vs staff), work specialization, unity of command, span of control, centralization vs decentralization, and delegation.

To prepare for this section, focus on understanding the core principles and theories of management, especially how they relate to contemporary business practices. Review the contributions of key management proponents. Also, study the tools and elements managers use to achieve organizational objectives. With diligent preparation, you will build a solid foundation in Business Management.

2025 JAMB Commerce Syllabus: Economics

As an instructor preparing students for the 2025 Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Commerce exam, I aim to provide you with the necessary tools and guidance to excel. This includes revealing the official JAMB Commerce syllabus topic by topic, starting with Economics.

Definition and Nature of Economics

Economics is the social science that studies how individuals, governments, firms and nations make choices on allocating scarce resources to satisfy their unlimited wants. Economics aims to explain how economies work and how economic agents interact. The nature of economics encompasses both positive and normative aspects.

Basic Economic Concepts

Some essential concepts you must grasp include:

  • Scarcity and Choice: Human wants are unlimited while resources are limited, so choices must be made.
  • Opportunity Cost: The next best alternative forgone when a choice is made.
  • Production Possibility Curve: A graph showing various combinations of two goods that can be produced with available resources and technology.
  • Specialization and Trade: Countries produce goods and services they have a comparative advantage in and trade for other goods and services.
  • Demand and Supply: How the price mechanism allocates resources in a market economy.
  • Elasticity of Demand and Supply: The degree of responsiveness of demand or supply to changes in price or other factors.

Factors of Production

The four factors of production are land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship. Land refers to natural resources, labor is the human effort involved, capital comprises man-made goods used to produce other goods and services, while entrepreneurship is the ability to take risks to combine the other factors of production.

Economic Systems

The major types of economic systems are traditional economy, market economy, command economy and mixed economy. A market economy relies on the price mechanism to allocate resources while a command economy depends on the government. Most countries now operate a mixed economy.

By understanding these fundamentals of economics, you will be well on your way to success in the 2025 JAMB Commerce exam. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Recommended Textbooks for 2025 JAMB Commerce Expo

As an aspiring candidate for the 2025 JAMB Commerce exam, having the proper recommended textbooks is crucial for adequate preparation and success.

Economics for West Africa

This textbook covers economic theories, concepts and principles according to the West African school curriculum. It provides a simplified explanation of complex economic concepts and how they relate to real-life situations. It is an essential resource for building a foundational knowledge of economics.

Principles of Accounts

To gain proficiency in accounting, a subject which makes up a significant portion of the JAMB Commerce syllabus, I would recommend obtaining this textbook. It covers the fundamentals of accounting in a straightforward manner, including the accounting equation, ledger accounts, trial balance, income statement and balance sheet. It provides many examples and exercises for practical application of the theories and concepts discussed.

Business Management for Senior Secondary Schools

For the business management components of the syllabus like forms of business ownership, management principles and business functions, this is a recommended text. It explores essential business management topics in depth while relating them to real organizations and scenarios. It also includes review questions at the end of each chapter to reinforce learning.

Further Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools

Although mathematics only makes up a small section of the JAMB Commerce syllabus, it is still an important subject, and this textbook covers the relevant mathematics in an accessible way. It focuses on commercial mathematics, statistics, and quantitative techniques useful for business and accounting students. It provides many examples, exercises and practice questions for mastering key mathematical concepts and their applications.

Using these four comprehensive yet easy to understand textbooks, I believe any candidate would gain the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently sit the 2025 JAMB Commerce exam. While these texts cover the syllabus content, practicing past questions from previous exams is also crucial for success. With diligent studying and preparation over the next couple of years using these recommended resources, a high score can be achieved.


In summary, preparation and planning are key for success in the upcoming 2025 JAMB Commerce exam. The syllabus and recommended textbooks provide a helpful roadmap for students to follow, but consistent practice and studying the materials thoroughly are what will ultimately lead to high scores. With the right amount of dedication, students have an opportunity to thrive in this exam and open themselves up to more opportunities beyond. Though the work required may seem daunting, maintaining a positive mindset and chipping away at lessons each day can make the process smooth and even enjoyable. The future is unwritten, so take a deep breath and get started. With hard work and persistence, great things are possible.

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