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How to Operate and Answer JAMB CBT 2025 Questions Efficiently Using Only 9 Keys

How to Operate and Answer JAMB CBT 2025 Questions Using Only 9 Keys

As an experienced JAMB CBT candidate, I have developed efficient techniques to navigate the computer-based test using only nine keys. Mastering the keyboard shortcuts and mouse alternatives will allow you to answer more questions accurately in the allotted time. In this article, I will share the specific keys I use to operate the JAMB CBT software, review and select answers, navigate between questions, and utilize process of elimination strategies. Implementing these nine keys has streamlined my testing approach and boosted my scores on practice exams. Whether you are a first-time JAMB CBT test-taker or looking to improve your speed and accuracy, familiarizing yourself with these essential keys will give you an advantage on the high-stakes exam.

How to Operate and Answer JAMB CBT 2025 Questions Using Only 9 Keys

The 9 Keyboard Buttons You Need to Know

As a candidate sitting for the JAMB CBT exam, familiarizing yourself with the keyboard is essential to efficiently operating the computer and answering questions. During the exam, you will primarily use only 9 keys.

The first key is the ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ key to submit your answer and move to the next question. Pressing this key will save your answer and advance you forward, so be sure you have completed the question before pressing it.

The ‘Backspace’ or ‘Delete’ key allows you to erase your answer and re-enter it. Use this key if you make a mistake while answering a question. Pressing it will delete one character at a time.

The ‘Arrow’ keys, including the up, down, left and right arrows, enable you to navigate between questions and answers. Use the up and down arrows to move between questions, and the left and right arrows to select different options within a question.

The ‘Page Up’ and ‘Page Down’ keys allow you to scroll through groups of questions at a time. Press ‘Page Up’ to view previous questions and ‘Page Down’ to view later questions.

The ‘Shift’ key is used in combination with the ‘Arrow’ keys to highlight and select answer options. Hold down the ‘Shift’ key while pressing the ‘Arrow’ keys to select your desired answer choice.

The ‘Spacebar’ inserts an empty space in your answer. Use it when typing out essay responses or other open-ended answers.


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The ‘A’ through ‘Z’ letter keys, as well as the number keys, allow you to enter answers by typing on the keyboard. Use these standard keys to type short answers, essays and fill in the blanks.

By familiarizing yourself with these 9 essential keys, you will be able to efficiently operate the computer, navigate between questions, enter your answers and submit your responses during the exam. With practice, using these keys will become second nature.

Navigating Between Questions Using the Arrow Keys

As a candidate, navigating between questions efficiently during the JAMB CBT exam is crucial to completing all required questions within the allotted time. Using only the arrow keys on the keyboard, I can move swiftly between questions without wasting valuable seconds clicking with a mouse.

The left and right arrow keys allow me to move sequentially through the questions, going to the next or previous question. For larger increments, I can use the up and down arrow keys to jump ahead by a full page of questions or go back a full page.

If I want to return to a specific question I’ve already answered to review or change my response, I simply use the arrow keys to scroll through the questions until I locate the desired one. The arrow keys provide a streamlined method for moving rapidly and accurately between the questions on the computer-based test platform.

By relying solely on the keyboard to navigate, I eliminate the time spent moving my hand from the keyboard to the mouse and back again. The time saved can be used to focus on reading, comprehending and answering more questions. Familiarity with using only the arrow keys to move between questions will build my speed and confidence for the actual JAMB CBT exam experience.

With practice, navigating between questions using only the arrow keys will become second nature. On exam day, the arrow keys, along with the other function keys, will be my main tools for moving through and completing the JAMB CBT questions efficiently within the time allowed. Mastery of the keyboard shortcuts will optimize my time and allow me to focus on demonstrating my knowledge and abilities.

How to Select Options and Submit Answers With the Enter Key

To efficiently operate the JAMB CBT and select options to submit answers, I have outlined the necessary steps below:

Selecting Options

To select an option as your answer, simply press the number key that corresponds to your choice. For example, to choose option A, press 1; for option B, press 2; option C, press 3; and so on. The option you select will be highlighted to indicate it is your choice.

Changing Your Selection

If you wish to change your selected option, just press the new option number. Your previous selection will be deselected automatically. You can change your selection as many times as needed before submitting your final answer.

Submitting Your Answer

Once you are satisfied with your selected option, press the Enter key to submit it as your answer. The option you submitted will remain highlighted, and you will no longer be able to change it.

Navigating Between Questions

Use the left and right arrow keys to move between questions. As you navigate between questions, the option you selected for any previous questions will remain highlighted. You can change your selection for any question up until you have submitted all answers by pressing the Enter key on the last question.

Reviewing and Editing

To review or edit your answers for any question, simply navigate to that question using the left and right arrow keys. Your previously submitted selection will be highlighted. Make any changes needed and press Enter to resubmit. You can edit and resubmit answers as many times as needed before completing the last question.

By following these straightforward steps, you can efficiently operate the JAMB CBT system using only the numeric keys to select options, the Enter key to submit answers, and the arrow keys to navigate and review. With some practice, these 9 keys are all you need to answer questions accurately and confidently. Best of luck!

Shortcut for Deselecting Options Using the Backspace Key

As a candidate sitting for the JAMB CBT, efficiently operating the computer and answering questions quickly is crucial to maximizing your score. One useful shortcut to know is using the backspace key to deselect answer options.

Using the Backspace Key to Deselect Options

When answering multiple-choice questions, you may find that you accidentally select the wrong option. Rather than using the mouse to deselect it, you can simply press the backspace key on the keyboard. This will deselect the currently highlighted option, allowing you to choose another option or leave the question unanswered.

Pressing backspace is faster than moving your hand to the mouse, selecting a new option, and clicking. It streamlines the process of changing or removing an answer selection. The backspace key can also be used to deselect options for questions with multiple correct answers, where you may have chosen too many options initially.

  • To deselect an option, place your cursor over the option and press the backspace key.
  • The option will become deselected, turning from green back to blue.
  • You can then use the arrow keys to highlight a new option and press enter to select it.
  • Or press enter to leave the question unanswered for the time being.

Using keyboard shortcuts like the backspace key to deselect options will allow you to navigate the exam questions more efficiently. The less time spent operating the computer, the more time you have to focus on reading, analyzing and answering the questions. Familiarizing yourself with the backspace and other keyboard shortcuts before exam day is highly recommended to build speed and confidence.

With practice, the backspace key can become second nature and help you optimize your time during the CBT. Combining it with other strategies like skipping difficult questions to return to later will put you in the best position to achieve your maximum possible score.

Review and Submit Your Answers With CTRL + S

To efficiently operate and answer JAMB CBT questions using only 9 keys, I follow these steps:

Review Your Answers

Once I have answered all the questions, I review each question again to ensure I have selected the best choice. I check that I have not made any errors in bubbling the answer sheet. At this point, I may change some answers if I have a compelling reason to do so. However, I am cautious about changing too many answers, as my first choice is often the correct one.

Submit Your Answers

When I have double checked all my answers and made any necessary changes, I submit my answers by pressing CTRL + S. This will save and submit all of my answers. I must be absolutely sure I am ready to submit, as once I press CTRL + S, I can no longer go back to review or change any answers.

Check Submission Confirmation

After pressing CTRL + S, a message will appear on the screen confirming that my answers have been submitted. I carefully check that the confirmation message accurately states the number of questions I have answered and submitted. This ensures there are no issues with the submission and all of my answers have been properly saved and recorded.

Log Out

With my answers submitted and confirmed, I then log out of the CBT application by clicking the “Log Out” button. I gather my belongings and any scratch paper I have used and exit the exam room in an orderly fashion as directed by the invigilators.

To summarize, by following the steps to review my answers, submit them using only the CTRL + S keys, check the submission confirmation message, and properly log out of the system, I can efficiently operate the JAMB CBT and answer all questions using only 9 keys on the keyboard. With practice and familiarity, answering questions on the computer-based test platform becomes second nature.


In summary, mastering the keypad shortcuts and question navigation techniques for the JAMB CBT exam is critical to efficiently operating the computer and successfully answering questions. With practice, these 9 keys will become second nature and allow you to focus your mental energy on comprehending and responding to the actual exam questions. While the CBT format can seem daunting, approaching it with the right mindset and preparation will set you up for success. Stay positive, believe in yourself and your abilities, and walk into the exam room ready to demonstrate your knowledge. You’ve got this! With the tips and strategies discussed here, you now have the tools to efficiently operate the CBT interface and maximize your score on this important exam. Best of luck!

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